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JosephPeters - schreef op 27-12 om 20:30
I haven't been dating anyone for quite some time and would like to change that. What is the best way to get acquainted and start a relationship now?
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DavidSimmons - schreef op 11-01 om 18:04
I understand you very well, I was lonely too. I start communication very well, but then I realize that I cannot be with this person. I am very picky, but I still believe that I have a chance. Tried to make an acquaintance on this site https://mytransgenderdating.com/review/transdate-review/. This seems like a good option to me, because I don't need to use the real date to figure out who is in front of me.
Maret Gopis - schreef op 25-07 om 17:49
Hello. I have never had anything with girls. And nothing went further than simple communication. But I really wanted a relationship. And I decided to register on this site gardeniaweddingcinema.com/. And there I met a very cool girl. After a few dates we started dating. And now we already live together. So, I think this is a great girl for foreigners.


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Email notificatie Emailnotificatie is alleen beschikbaar voor ingelogde leden ! ja nee
ps, je reageert als gast. Wil je liever inloggen registreer je dan even of of log in met facebook

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